Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative Confessions ~series~

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10 Questions for Cari of Wired Originals

1. Morning person or a night person?
Morning...I have it all to myself :)

2. Best book ever?
Any book of poetry by Billy Collins

3. Favorite place on earth?
A quiet spot on the Colorado National Monument, just after spring when there are waterfalls everywhere.

4. Like your birthday or dread it?
Used to like I dread it!

5. Most frequently used swear word?

6. Favorite Thanksgiving day food?

7. Los Angeles or New York City?
New York City.

8. Favorite way to waste time?
Surfin' the net.

9. $250 to spend on anything – what do you buy?
Materials to make more jewelry.

10. Signature adjective?

Want to see more of Cari's fabulous work?
Go check it out at: Wired Originals


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