Friday, February 27, 2009

5 Tricks for Conquering Creative Block

The muse has left the building... now what?

Browse -
images in a media not your own. Painters look at interiors, photographers view some sculpture. I was just checking out the Manuscript Illumination images currently on exhibit at the Getty; inspiring!

Turn the beat around -
are you listening to rock and roll? Switch over to classical. Swinging to Glenn Miller? Try some Salsa. New sound, new brain waves.

Start and finish a task -
pay a bill, wash the dishes, brush the dog. A small contained chore can help remind you how it feels to actually get a job done.

Shake it -
a brisk walk around the block or just strolling into the kitchen for a snack can get the juices flowing again. Is it the change of scenery, or am I sitting on my brain?

Make a list -
break down what it is you are trying to do it in little baby bits. Things will seem more manageable than trying to tackle the ONE BIG THING. As a bonus, you get all those ++ endorphins for each line you achieve and cross out.


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