Monday, August 10, 2009

The Power of New

Today was my daughter’s first day at a new high school. Understandably, she was nervous and excited. I was anxious for her and also a little bit green-eyed. She’s at an age that overflows with possibility and memorable firsts. As we get older, an open attitude and the promise of new is fleeting.

Which is why an artisan object or anything with a connection to creativity is so appealing. Celebrating originality gives us that same chance to dream and believe and feel something for the first time. A way to make life a constant interdisciplinary experience; math, psychology, philosophy, poetry and art all rolled up into the everyday-ness.

Maybe not as exhilarating as first love, but it doesn’t come with pimples and geometry homework either!

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Hi Christine! Nice photos, nice writing, nice jewelry, and a great place to live! I'm jealous!

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