Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love the hunt and gather side of making seaglass jewelry. It is contemplative and meandering. I often come up with my best design ideas while wandering around the tidal pools; nudging shells aside while keeping a watchful eye for sea urchin spikes. I never really thought of seaglass gathering to be a group activity.

Until Lily.

Friendly, loyal, super cute and a lover of shallow water. She is our newly adopted “sato” (or street-dog) and the beach is her true home. Though she gets a run of some miles every morning, she will not abide being left behind if there is an excursion to be had. Precious time spent finding and fixing small fencing gaps proves utterly futile. She can hear the gate creaking shut from across the property. Next thing you know -- you’ve got company. We often compete to get to the same sand puddle first. Guess who always wins?

The approach of Christmas has me feeling indebted for our health and happiness. I am especially grateful for simple delights. My daughter’s silly giggle, the twinkle of holiday lights, walks on the beach and a new furry friend to share it with.

I wish laughter, warmth and light to all.


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